Toy garages are one of those toys that everyone seems to have in their life at some point. As well as being fun, they are educational and help children to learn about the world around them. Toy Garages are a great idea for Christmas time, and will provide children with hours and hours of pleasure for a long time to come. There is something quite simple and wonderful about toy garages, and here on this site we'll be bringing you information on the best toy garages and accessories around at the moment, as well as where to find them for the best price!

So what sort of toy garages are currently on the market to choose from? A few good examples to get your engine started: For younger children there are the Fisher Price Little People Racin' Ramps Garage and the Fisher-Price Toddlerz Spiral Speedway, both of which are easy to use and come with cars to play with on them.

For older children there are toy garages such as the Plan Toys City Series Parking Garage, which helps to promote ecological 'green' living while educating children. The big names of the toy industry are in on the action too, with sets like the fantastic LEGO City Garage, which has great features like an office building, workshop and garage, 3 toy vehicles, mini figures and plenty of accessories to use with it.

Toy garages fire up the imagination of a child, helping them to play in a way that will help set them up mentally for the world outside. For the more ambitious child there is the Hot Wheels Color Shifters Custom Color Shop, featuring a car you can change the look of, a spinner, ramp and more to discover. Toy garages are one of the most entertaining and loved toys around, and are ideal for Christmas. We're revving our engines now to help you find the best around!

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