Toy garages make a great gift for birthdays and other special occasions.  Most boys and many girls too will love the creative play opportunities of these great toys. Your children will like to sort and manage the contents of their toy garage. They will have somewhere to store their toy cars and have great fun maneuvering them in and out of their garage.

There are toy garages to suit all ages. They are specially designed according to age group and play capability. You will recognize great toy brands such as Fisher Price, Alex Toys, KidCraft, Matchbox, Plan Toys and Little People.   All trusted names for providing exciting and innovative children's toys.  Quite of ten the toy garages have different levels of parking. children love to move their toy cars up and down across different levels either by way of  special car elevators or ramps  between the various levels. In some toy garages there are toy play features  such as sounds and lights.  Also look out for features such as a toy car wash, heliport, gas station and other play features.

Take a look at some of the toy garages for children that are featured on this site. You will find a great range. In most cases you will find unbiased reviews from parents who have been kind enough to provide feedback so you can make your mind up more easily and find the most suitable toy garage for your child.

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